Frequently Asked Questions


HelloMaaS is open to all type of marketers: freelancers, corporate, in-house at smaller companies and agency folks. From project managers, strategists and generalists to marketers with specific channel expertise or skill sets.

Every marketer with a minimum of two years of professional experience and a proven track record can sign up. We use client referrals during our onboarding process by asking for a rating & review over email. This way we make sure every HelloMaaS member is a good fit.

In 2017, about 35% of all workers in the U.S worked freelance. This number is estimated to grow to 40% by 2020. Not just in the U.S., in many European countries, a large number of highly skilled workers and particularly marketers have been working freelance for years. HelloMaaS improves the freelance experience with a matching platform, a community and a novel way to make passive income.

Marketers working at agencies can expand their teams by adding a marketer specialist for those special projects. We also offer opportunities to enhance your agency team with the flexibility of vetted freelancers on an ad-hoc basis.

Conversely, if you're a marketing agency looking for new clients, invite the members of your agency team signup to find new business through HelloMaaS. If you have deep marketing expertise in certain channels, tactics or verticals create a team tutorial to demonstrate your unique skill sets, build reputation and earn passive income. 

Corporate marketers can expand their teams by retaining specialist marketers with deep vertical knowledge. No more trial and error, go to market quicker with a push by proven experts.

If you are full time employed as a corporate marketer and not looking for projects, you can still benefit as a HelloMaaS member. You can create tutorials; a great way to earn passive income and build your reputation beyond your current role. 

Or if you'd like to learn and join our community: sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date and be part of our knowledge sharing meetups. 

We believe in the power of networks, so our vetting process is community driven. Once you've created a profile we ask each marketer to provide name and email address of three previous clients/employers that we can email for a rating on three attributes: delivery, communications, and skills. If you meet the minimum score of 7,5 (on a scale from 0-10) your profile is activated and you're welcomed as a new member. 

We're a platform with advanced technology to optimize marketing planning, staffing and knowledge sharing. We offer a new way of working, with a rapid time reduction in finding clients, so you have more time to focus on marketing results. The HelloMaaS platform will provide matchmaking, messaging, payments, planning tools and teams on demand. See us as a virtual, self-organizing agency built for the 21st century.

We're big on processes and tools. All marketers that join will get recommendations on how to work best.  In addition to our platform, we organize networking events, seminars and a fresh community of driven marketers. In the near future, we'll offer co-working Fridays and quarterly off-sites to deepen relationships in a fun way for all members.

HelloMaaS is free for marketers. We charge 15% commission on top of your hourly rate in projects. The overall costs for clients are very competitive, possibly cheaper than working through a traditional marketing agency or a matchmaker since our platform and processes require less overhead.

For tutorials, we add a markup for 20% on your tutorial list price. In exchange, we market you and your content, provide distribution and most importantly tools and services to create professional content and services. 

HelloMaaS offers also a referral fee for all clients and marketers when introducing other clients and marketers to HelloMaaS. Once they start working on our platform we will share a part of our commission during the first three months. Another way to make your future earnings more diversified. 

Of course, we'd love to grow the HelloMaaS community through strong connections. Please ask them to sign-up and create their profile so we can start the onboarding process. You're awesome :)


  1. Any company in need of flexible marketing talent, teams or is interested in HelloMaaS tutorial and planning services.

  2. Companies with at least an annual marketing budget of €100,000 per year (ex. media)

  3. Sweet spots are:

    • Startups that secured funding over $1M and need to scale fast

    • Innovative companies in search of an agile and flexible way of working.

    • Corporates in digital transformation programs that need a hands-on and flexible marketing talent solution

    • Companies that need orchestration across different marketing channels.

    • We currently operate in the Netherlands, so Dutch companies for now.

  1. We will email the client referral after you provided us with their name and email address. Your name will be referenced in the outreach. The goal is to gauge their interest.

  2. When your referral responds to us, the HelloMaaS customer team will reach out to understand their marketing needs and help create a solution.

  3. In case the client referral doesn’t reply, we will send them one friendly reminder. If they don’t respond we will stop all communications and consider it an unsuccessful referral.

  1. First you need to sign up at HelloMaaS

  2. A unique referral link is created for you

  3. HelloMaaS emails the company you referred to validate their interest

  4. Once they respond we will work with them to scope a project

  5. You will see your referrals progress in your HelloMaaS dashboard

You can refer multiple clients but it needs to be done on an individual basis. We do this to ensure ongoing quality. Each referral will be reviewed individually.

  1. When you refer a new client to HelloMaaS via the referral system

  2. The referred client works with HelloMaaS to hire freelancer or team

  3. Once the first invoice or retainer is paid by the client, you receive 5% of total invoice amount for the first three months.

  4. You need to have a HelloMaaS account and provide bank account details to get paid.


HelloMaaS is open to all type of clients: from startups, mid-market companies, global corporates to marketing agencies.The platform allows companies to find talent or create on-demand teams with deep vertical expertise, for staff augmentation and access to cutting-edge skills. 

In addition to platform matching, we're offering our marketing planner in the summer of 2018. This tool is ideal for clients that have an in-house marketing team but are looking for more structure and help in the marketing planning process. The planner will propose weekly marketing activities including new tactics and channels displayed in the right order. Companies can execute themselves with help through the tutorials. If you don't have marketers in-house we can match you with the right marketers for each marketing task. 

All clients can sign-up for HelloMaaS on our platform. If you'd like to first learn more about how we work you can schedule a call with us directly. 

Once you've created an account, we offer personal or platform matching. Personal matching starts with a call where you explain your marketing needs. We'll search in our network for the right candidates and connect you through our platform. This way you have the benefits of a trusted advisor and the speed of our platform.

Another option is our platform matching. Here you fill out your marketing goals, skill set needed and budget. Our search engine will provide you with a listing of marketers that match your needs the most. You can content them directly through our platform, create a scope and payment details directly through HelloMaaS.

Many startups are technology driven and often lack marketing knowledge in their core team. Building a brand and create awareness is key for any start-up. Growth hacking, lead generation, CAC, marketing automation, and nimble tools are all essential.

Part of the HelloMaaS network will solely focus on providing those skill sets and people that are passionate to help increase success rates for startups. The flexibility of creating a marketing team on demand and no lengthy recruitment processes is an attractive offer for startups.

Medium sized companies (between $10M - S200 million in annual revenue) can benefit tremendously by working with HelloMaaS. We've talked to quite a few and learned  that most don't want to build a full flegded marketing team. They need the flexibility to scale marketing teams up and down, because of seasonality, product introductions, new competitors etc.

Our platform allows for ad-hoc support and ongoing retainers. For instance, a fashion retailer with 10 stores need strategic marketers in Q1 to plan for the year and performance marketers and event planners in Q3 just for the holiday season. You can build teams on demand and purchase specialist marketing knowledge to boost your small in-house team.

Our planner will launch in Q3 - 2018 making it so much easier to create the right marketing plan, acquire new knowlegde and engage the right talent at the right time.

Many corporates are in the process of digital transformation. A key growth strategy is to bring knowledge and ideas in-house to boost the core team. HelloMaaS provides direct access to vetted marketers, shortening the process to find the right people. In-house teams can boost their know-how through tutorials gaining practical, deep and vertical-specific insights. Less need for lengthy training programs or expensive conferences. Work directly with practitioners that can share real lessons learned.

Since the way of working through HelloMaaS might be different, we'll help kick start every engagement. We provide a checklist and recommendations on a successful collaboration. This will include templates on how to define clear exceptations, a shared understanding about tooling, communication protocols and a fall back if the project doesn't go well.

During the project, we will send an automated weekly temperature check-in mail to all parties involved. If we see that scores changes rapidly, we will reach out to all parties concerned with a recommendation on how to create an improvement plan. If all else fails we can mediate. 

That's wonderful. We'd love to talk to them. Please ask them to fill out this form so they can tell us directly what they need. Rather talk on the phone? New clients can select a time for a 15-minute briefing call. 

Once we get to work with new clients referred by you, referrers benefit through our referral program. For example John recommends HelloMaaS to Lois, a jewelry store owner. Lois hires 3 marketers for a lead generation project. Project fee is $60,000 in the first three months. John receives 5% of $60,000 = $3,000.

With HelloMaaS, your network is truly your net worth!

Agency life can be volatile. Pitches won put often a lot of pressure on the team. With HelloMaaS, agencies can augment their teams faster with specific vertical knowledge. 

Agencies can also use our white label platform solution to boost their internal operations and traffic department. HelloMaaS platform enables smarter team matching and a hybrid solution combining freelancers and agency employees. Our planning tool can be customized based on agency skill set and allow for better collaboration and knowledge sharing across agency teams. Ideal for agencies with 200+ employees operating through multiple offices. Let you know if you'd like to learn more.


HelloMaaS is started by a group of experienced marketers. We worked at top-tier agencies, global corporations, and well-funded startups. As executives, entrepreneurs and freelancers, we believe in the power of networks, flexible teams and access to up-to-date knowledge. Our headquarters are based in New York City but we work globally with a distributed team across Europe and the United States. Visit our Team page to learn more about our leadership team and high caliber advisors.

It's our ambition to become the global, decentralized marketing agency for the networked economy. A platform powered by marketers on top of their trade. Smart technology should make it way easier and faster for companies to find marketing support they need now and can afford. We provide structure in the jungle of thousands of marketing freelancers, hundreds of different channels and fast-changing skill sets. Direct access to trusted freelancers and cutting-edge know-how from real marketers that can help companies grow their business. We believe in the power of networks and offer a unique opportunity for all members to earn extra by recommending us amongst their connections. Learn more about our mission and values on the About Us page. Or got to our Team page to read more about the Leadership Team and Advisors

We talked to many marketers and clients and see a tremendous opportunity to improve the marketing discipline. Some of the pain points we discovered:

1. Access to right talent at the right time. Small and medium companies can't always afford nor want to build a marketing team. They have a hard time to find and organize marketing talent on demand. Agencies scramble to staff in a more flexible and ad-hoc way based on rapidly changing project needs. In-house marketing teams are often spread too thin or don't have deep expertise freelancers do.

2. Old fashioned operating model. Marketing operating model and the agency world haven’t evolved much from the times of Mad Men (as in the 1970s). The Internet allows now for seamless collaboration connecting thousands of marketers into a decentralized way of working. The network operating model that software developers and data scientist use, doesn't exist for marketers making it unnecessarily difficult to operate effectively.

3. The mismatch between businesses and marketers. Businesses often struggle to find the right people for their projects. They don't know where to look for the right people. Once they found the talent they frequently go over budget due to lack of time or expertise to effectively brief and manage. Freelancers spend a lot of time on client acquisition, chasing down payments with frequent gaps between money coming in.

4. Marketing discipline is changing at the speed of light. New tools and channels launch every day. Existing channels are updated frequently with new functionalities. It's impossible to keep up-to-date, yet knowing how to benefit from the wide array of marketing channels, tactics and tools will provide a competitive advantage. Access to this knowledge is very important but hard to find. At HelloMaaS, we believe it's time for a 21st century model with faster matchmaking between marketers and clients powered by a smarter planning process, flexible teams, and ubiquitous knowledge sharing. To learn more watch our Explainer Video.

1. Efficiency: By taking the pain out of hiring, contracting, and planning, we help companies to access vetted marketers, custom curated for their needs. We also save time for freelancers who are looking for new, fulfilling work with more control on where and with whom to work. More freedom, more output for all!

2. Knowledge: We support our community by giving them a place to share their expertise and be paid well for it. We support businesses by providing the marketing know-how they need now. With our database of tutorials, marketers and entrepreneurs can find exactly what they need to know at the click of a button. Our planner ensures that project never starts in the wrong place. We guide our clients to exactly the right information they need… or find the right person to give it to them.

3. Innovation: It’s time to bring marketing into the 21st century. We are passionate about decentralizing teams and supporting remote work. We are looking to the future with blockchain that orchestrates trust and rethinks ways of working. With our data-driven approach to team matching, personality testing, and measuring progress with weekly check-ins, we provide data-driven solutions like no other.

4. Flexibility: We offer a solution for everyone. Whether it’s a Marketing Coordinator who needs a tutorial on Facebook Advertising or the CEO of a startup who needs a 3-person marketing team to build and execute a launch strategy; we offer custom solutions, with limited overhead and less friction.

5. Humans: We focus on the people behind the projects who have a passion for being a marketer. Our platform provides more freedom to decide where and when to work. We match marketers into teams that can achieve more than when working solo. We tell their stories and give the exposure they deserve. We provide a place for marketers and businesses to thrive.

Marketing is about understanding the local language, culture, and competition. We are a global platform for local networks. Since the Netherlands is our first market, we invite Dutch marketers to join. If you speak Dutch, understand Dutch culture but live outside of the Netherlands, that's works as well. Just indicate in your profile that you work remote. Some clients prefer to meet marketers in person and we will make sure to match you accordingly.

Once we've rolled out in the Netherlands, we'll move to other European marketers and into the U.S. starting in Q4 - 2018.


We work with clients and agencies, either through in-person meetings or video conferencing. Clients can also engage directly with self-service tools on the HelloMaaS platform. We will help in the best way possible to find a match between client needs, HelloMaaS members, and our toolset. 

Our project kick-off process includes a structured approach towards introductions, scoping, budgeting, billing and ways of working. We continue to optimize this way of working by keeping a close eye on smart project- and collaboration tools, lessons learned and feedback shared from previous projects. 

Each HelloMaaS marketer is vetted on their ability to work autonomously. Beyond that, it's key that everyone engages in a respectful and professional matter. Our project success check-list should help to start off in the right way.

Once the project is on the way, we will send clients and marketers a weekly temperature check-in. No more than 30 seconds needed to fill this out. This short feedback loop will quickly and anonymously show if a project is in the risk zone. If needed we will update all parties and help streamline.

We believe in short, frequent and transparent feedback loops to prevent big problems down the road. Every week we'll email all project participants a link to a short, anonymous survey as a weekly temperature check-in. This will quickly show if a project is not performing well. In case of a sudden decline or when the rating drops below 7.5 points (on a scale of 0-10), we will send all project member an alert email with recommended steps to self-improve. If this doesn't work, clients and marketers can contact us so we can work towards a solution together.



Marketing projects often need a wide array of skill sets. Sometimes one freelancer can do several tasks. In other cases, it's better to add more marketers with complementary skill sets to the project.

This is our novel approach to team matching through networks: we start with skill-set matching based on the marketing goals or needs provided by the client. We will overlay the results of skill-set matching with test results on work personality.

How do we know about work personality? When marketers opt-in for team matching they are invited to fill out a work personality test powered by our partner Teamily. This will show top strengths of a marketer across all project stages. 

Why do we do team matching this way? Successful teams understand their strengths and weaknesses. As a team, you might have great skill matching but lack drive for one or more fundamental steps in a project cycle. If that turns out to be the case, our matching algorithm can provide alternative team compositions that have a higher propensity to succeed as a team.

Automated team matching will be launched in the summer of 2018. For now, we offer personal team matching. All you have to do is fill out this form and we'll get in touch to create a handpicked team of the right talents. 

Please note that this option willl be available as from May 2018. First, you sign up, create a marketer profile and go through the onboarding process. Once you're a member, you can opt-in for teams through your profile.  

We will reach out and ask you to do a Myers Briggs based work personality test, powered by our partner Teamily. The result will show your strengths throughout project stages. Our search algorithm will then take your skill sets and work personality to match with client needs. This step will result in marketing teams on demand which are offered in the search results of our planner. Clients can decide to interview this team collectively or per person.

Once the HelloMaaS planner offers a team that the client likes, we recommend for the client to set up a team call as part of the briefing process. The client will be in charge to define the scope and share with the team members. We can provide our project check-list to make this process straightforward.

All team members should get together, either in person or video conference to co-create a debriefing for the client, agree on roles and responsibilities, ways of working, and agree on project and communication tools and protocols. 

HelloMaaS can provide teams with a checklist and recommended tool set to streamline this process. Ultimately it is the team responsibility to create the right way of working prior to project start. 


First, you need to sign up and create a marketer profile at HelloMaas. If you only want to create tutorials, you'll get immediately added to the HelloMaaS community. You can start creating tutorials when logged into the HelloMaaS platform. You can watch our explainer video on how to create a tutorial. We also provide suggestions and examples for every step in the process. 

For the first 30 tutorials, we will offer a unique opportunity to record your video tutorial at the HelloMaaS recording studio in Amsterdam. Email us at to secure your spot. A professional crew of directors and editors will coach you along the way towards the best result. This is a limited offer for early adopters with a high-demand marketing skill set. 

Yes, you can!  Just make sure you don't get into trouble with your employer and check your employment contract making sure you're allowed.

You can sign up at HelloMaaS as a tutorial creator only and will not be featured as a marketer for hire. You will get a profile with First Name, Initial Last Name to sell tutorials and for tutorial buyers to contact you directly with questions about your content. For any other questions, don't hesitate to email us at

We offer refunds on tutorials to a maximum of fifty (50%) of the amount paid. If you are unsatisfied with a tutorial that has been purchased, you may email us within fourteen (14) days of purchase by filling out this form with details on why Tutorial content provided was unsatisfactory. For more details on refunds, we refer to our Terms of Service. 

If we believe that you are abusing our policy on refunds for tutorial content, HelloMaaS reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse or restrict any and all current or future use of the platform. HelloMaaS further reserves the right to remove any tutorial content for any reason, including but not limited to receipt of more than two (2) requests for refunds by clients. For more details, please review our Terms of Service.


For projects: client and marketer agree upon a scope, project budget or hourly rate. This is detailed in a contract that is shared and agreed upon by both parties through the HelloMaaS platform. The client will select the preferred payment method (invoice, credit card or iDEAL) to secure a prompt and secure payment. Once agreed upon milestones or the dates of the payment schedule are met, the payment will be executed automatically. 

Payment for tutorials is very straightforward. Once you have selected the tutorial you like to purchase, click Buy Now. You will select the preferred payment method (credit card or iDEAL) to secure direct payment and access to the materials and services provided.

As part of our platform, we will email all project participants a very short, anonymous survey as a weekly temperature check-in. This will show quickly if a project is not going well. In case of a sudden drop in rating or when the rating drops below 7,5 points (on a scale of 0-10) we will send all project member an alert email with recommended steps to discuss and improve collaboration.

If you get to a point where a payment is triggered and the client is not satisfied, he/she should dispute within fourteen (14) days by notifying the marketer via the site. Client and marketer should negotiate directly and in good faith to resolve any dispute. Once the dispute is resolved, either the client and/or marketer shall adjust the fee or invoice accordingly and updated on the HelloMaaS platform. If Client and marketer are unable to resolve a dispute within fourteen (14) days, then the client shall be responsible for payment of the full amount of the marketer’s original fee or invoice.

Beyond these steps, both marketers and clients can reach out directly and express their concern through this form.

For more details on refunds, disputes and cancellations, we refer to our Terms of Service. 



We're honored! Please fill out this form so we learn more about your background and understand your motivation. We'll be in touch shortly. 


Whether you're in the recruitment/staffing business, provide technology tools or see other opportunities for a partnership, please fill out this form. We look forward to hearing from you.


HelloMaaS is all about community. Blockchain protocols allow for a more seamless collaboration in networks such as ours. As part of our Blockchain Lab we're currently designing the token economics and a proof of concept for p2p incentive structure, smart contracts and arbitrage.

We don't want to rush into decentralization without involving the community first. Join our Blockchain Lab and become an active participant on the journey to the first decentralized marketing agency. Sign up here!

We've designed several use cases for a more efficient and equitable marketplace using Blockchain protocols. An important one is to use tokens, smart contracts, and wallets as a way to scale and reward P2P collaboration. Other use case is second line support through an arbitrage group. This token staked model will incentivize a group of HelloMaaS clients and marketers to join as an ad-hoc arbitrage group to review disputes and quickly reach a binding verdict. 

We're working towards more functionality. If you have other ideas for a decentralized marketing agency or like to join us on this journey, sign up here.